Experienced Business Lawyers

Robertson & Ash is a full service law firm, and a significant portion of our practice involves providing legal advice to businesses on issues ranging from contract drafting and negotiation to the resolution of disputes. We take pride in advising our clients in ways to avoid unnecessary expenses and litigation. In short, we strive to keep our clients out of court and focused on their business. Many cases evolve into litigation because the parties did not draft clear contracts or fully explore the risk of miscommunication and conflict at the beginning of a project or relationship. Often, something as simple as a thorough contract review can help avoid litigation. Our attorneys recognize that litigation is time consuming and expensive, and we strongly feel that it should be the last resort in settling conflicts.

As experienced business lawyers, we regularly review commercial contracts and insurance contracts to ensure that our clients are complying with their obligations under existing contracts. We also work with our clients to ensure that their business practices comply with applicable regulations and laws.

Despite best practices, disputes sometimes arise. When parties are in conflict, a calm and professional voice can sometimes reduce that conflict so the parties can reach an amicable agreement and get back to business. Our business attorneys can provide that voice and an objective judgment to help your business make thoughtful decisions.

Stephen Robertson and Christopher Ash have years of experience working with businesses large and small. Both Mr. Ash and Mr. Robertson are alumni of large, prestigious New York law firms, and we have worked on the sophisticated and complex kinds of cases that those firms handle. However, we both have also served small businesses. The blending of our big-firm experience with running a small and individual-focused law firm is what makes us unique.

While partners at a large firm delegate much of the key document review and case research to less experienced associates, at Robertson and Ash, a seasoned partner who will know all the important details of your matter will personally handle your case. This prevents inefficient duplication of work and results in a high quality of representation. Because our hourly rates are much lower than the large firms who work in our field, this personalized attention also results in significant cost savings. Our firm structure also allows us to enter into contingent fee agreements or other alternative fee arrangements, where appropriate, and we tailor our representation to ensure that we meet our clients’ needs in the most cost-effective manner. Stated another way, we can offer big-firm service on a small-firm budget.

Mr. Ash and Mr. Robertson have extensive experience in advising businesses on legal matters. We have performed internal reviews of companies to assess their compliance with both simple and complex laws – ranging from individual and corporate criminal liability to arcane securities regulations. We have worked with financial experts to assess the viability of businesses and to determine whether bankruptcy is an appropriate path. We have reviewed and assessed insurance coverage in a wide array of circumstances. We have assisted with the dissolution of closely held companies, both in circumstances in which the parties wished to dissolve and in circumstances in which the dissolution was contested.

In providing business advice, we remain constantly aware that attorneys can provide significant value to businesses – but only if we do so in an individualized way that fits each client. We understand that businesses must devote their time, energy, and resources to the business rather than to legal matters, and we work cooperatively with our business clients to ensure that legal issues distract them as little as possible.

When our clients perceive a need to litigate, or when they are potential defendants in a lawsuit, we work to ensure that they are aware of all of their options. Because our attorneys are seasoned litigators, we are experienced and skilled in guiding our clients through the maze of potential pitfalls and opportunities that precede full-blown lawsuits. When we do so, we help our clients understand not just the financial effects of litigation, but also the intangibles – such as time away from work.

We assist our business clients in applying a cost benefit analysis to their legal matters – and determining whether initiating or settling a lawsuit makes business sense. We facilitate that process by making sure that the data on which the decision rests are reliable and complete. Therefore, in addition to helping our clients understand the law, we also pride ourselves on helping them understand the big picture of not just the money associated with lawsuits but also the value of other aspects of litigation. We empower our clients to make informed and thoughtful decisions.

Within the scope of our business and litigation practice, we have worked with, and developed relationships with, experts in various fields. Those relationships aide us in serving our clients because we use those resources to ensure that our clients are fully informed. Some of the fields in which we have relationships with trusted experts include: business valuation, profit valuation, the application of insurance contracts, medical care, construction, accounting, and many others.

We also have monitored the relationship between our business clients and their insurers, to ensure compliance with insurance policy contracts and to optimize risk management. We have analyzed potential claims and advised clients on when they should – and should not – assert a claim with their insurer. Conversely, we have provided coverage advice to insurers on various insurance coverage issues.

We regularly analyze and negotiate contracts to ensure that our clients’ best interests are protected. And we have worked with management to ensure employees’ good conduct.

For some of our small business clients, we function as an in-house legal team. For those clients, we work hard to learn the strengths of particular employees, and we design our representation in a way that takes advantage of the assets our clients already have in place. For such clients, we handle everything from traffic violations that employees incur while working to analyzing contracts that could make or break the company. We are proud of our relationship with our business clients, and we strive every day to earn the trust they place in us.

Representative matters:

  • Amicable Dissolution of partnerships and LLCs
  • Contested Dissolution of partnerships and LLCs
  • Commercial contract analysis
  • Insurance contract analysis
  • Business valuation for sales
  • Assessment of potential litigation
  • Defensive settlement negotiations
  • Offensive settlement negotiations
  • Drafting of contracts for athlete sponsorship agreements

Robertson and Ash is equipped to provide business advice on contracts, disputes, and other business issues.  If your company needs quality legal counsel, contact Robertson and Ash to schedule a consultation at our Denver or Boulder Colorado offices, or at your place of business.