Christopher Ash
Experienced Insurance Attorney


The attorneys at Robertson and Ash, LLC know insurance law.  Insurance coverage disputes involve unique attributes of procedure, precedent, and customs not generally found in other areas of the law.  That unique set of rules, and the complicated nature of insurance contracts, can make this area of the law daunting.  It can confuse not only parties to the contracts but also inexperienced attorneys who attempt to dabble in the field.

Christopher Ash has extensive, first-hand experience as an insurance attorney in this field of law, and he can carefully guide a party through the complex procedures imessage waiting for activation and intricate business issues that are related to the application of insurance policies.  He is an insurance attorney who has represented insurance companies and insureds for over eighteen years, and he is skilled at analyzing the competing contractual rights of both parties to an insurance contract.  That experience allows Mr. Ash to efficiently interpret insurance contracts to identify and analyze the disputed issues.

The terms and conditions of insurance policies are complicated, and many of these terms that have specific meanings that courts have created or which are governed by unique statutes and regulations.  Insurance contract disputes often involve complex issues with far-reaching impact, and whether you are policyholder seeking to enforce your rights under an insurance policy, or an insurer seeking to resist an improper claim, Mr. Ash has the skill and expertise to effectively represent your interests.  Mr cialis prescription. Ash has used his extensive experience to successfully represent both insurers and insureds in coverage disputes.

Mr. Ash started his legal career as an insurance attorney defending cases on behalf of an insurance company in New Jersey and swiftly progressed to representing insurance companies in complex environmental, asbestos, bad faith, and other coverage disputes.  Mr. Ash focused his law practice on insurance and reinsurance at some of the leading law firms in New Jersey and New York, and has used this vast experience as the foundation for his Colorado law practice since he moved to Boulder in 2005.  Mr. Ash’s direct insurance coverage experience is buttressed with many years of handling reinsurance disputes involving a multitude of underlying claims.

He has spent the majority of his legal career litigating and arbitrating scores of these complex insurance and reinsurance disputes, and he is intimately familiar with all facets of the process.   In addition to other types of disputes, Mr. Ash’s experience as an insurance attorney includes:

  • Acting as lead counsel in New Jersey for a large automobile insurer on all uninsured and underinsured motorist claims.
  • Defending insureds in automobile and premises liability actions.
  • Representing a self-insured hospital in medical malpractice law suits.
  • Representing insurers in environmental coverage actions.
  • Representing insurers in asbestos coverage actions.
  • Representing insurers in bad faith actions.
  • Acting as local Colorado counsel in Chinese Drywall insurance coverage litigation.
  • Analyzing a large insurer’s potential liability in coverage litigation arising out of alleged harm caused by cell phones.
  • Representing insureds in pursuing first-party coverage under homeowners and automobile liability claims.
  • Representing plaintiffs in personal injury and medical malpractice cases, including resolving issues arising from the complicated interaction of multiple types of coverages including third party liability coverage, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, medical/health insurance coverage and disability insurance.
  • Representing insurance companies and insureds in subrogation claims and lawsuits.
  • Arbitration of uninsured/underinsured motorist claims.
  • Arbitration of reinsurance disputes involving numerous direct insurance coverage issues including:  allocation of liability for multi-year, multi-site environmental coverage actions; insurance coverage for the September 11, 2001 attacks, including the number of occurrences arising out of the attacks; surety bond coverage arising out of a complex premium finance dispute; surety bond coverage arising out of the collapse of Enron; insurance coverage and allocation issues arising out of asbestos claims.

Mr. Ash’s wide range of insurance and reinsurance experience provides a strong foundation for him to handle any type of insurance related dispute.

Stephen Robertson also has a wealth of commercial litigation experience, including the representation of insureds in covered claims, policy analysis, and disputes. In his capacity as an attorney at a major AmLaw 100 law firm, he represented directors and officers under commercial insurance policies, he advised clients regarding their rights and duties under various insurance policies, and he worked with insurance companies to assess the value of claims against insureds. He has also represented individuals to help ensure that their insurance policies were enforced according to their terms.

Obtaining knowledgeable insurance representation early is extremely important.  Our insurance attorneys can help calm your worries that deadlines may pass or that policy details may affect your rights or obligations.  Robertson and Ash will analyze the facts, the insurance policy, and the law to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the claim from the inception of the representation.  In almost all instances, Robertson and Ash will seek to resolve the claim without resorting to litigation.  The firm ensures that its clients know the benefits and risks of proceeding to litigation, and it does not allow its clients to stumble into costly, unnecessary litigation.  If resolution is possible through negotiation, the firm follows the path that most benefits its clients, negotiating a settlement from a position of strength.  However, these matters often cannot be resolved through compromise, and when they cannot, the firm is adept at applying the understanding and experience of its partners to achieve favorable results for its clients.

Because the rights of the parties to insurance policies are often not self-evident, it is important to hire a seasoned insurance attorney and a law firm that has extensive knowledge of insurance contracts and insurance law.  The firm regularly provides not only pre-suit advice, but also initiates and defends insurance litigation.  The combined resources of Robertson and Ash allow the Firm provide aggressive expert representation in insurance disputes both large and small.  Because our attorneys have extensive histories of working for large, commercial firms, we offer the quality of big-firm legal advice with the added advantage of small-firm, personal attention.  If you seek advice and representation related to an insurance contract or insurance coverage claim or dispute, Robertson and Ash LLC has the skill and experience to zealously represent your rights in the courts of Colorado and beyond.