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The partners at Robertson and Ash are experienced at handling serious personal injury cases that have both significant financial and emotional elements.  If you have been injured as a result of the negligence of another person, you need a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer with the experience and skill to aggressively protect your rights.  Although personal injury cases may seem simple at first glance – they are not.  Personal injury cases often involve complicated issues of liability and damages and typically involve a web of interrelated insurance issues.  Those complicated insurance issues require personal attention and in-depth knowledge of the law.

A personal injury case can involve automobile or liability insurance, uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, medical insurance, and disability insurance. Each of these unique types of insurance can present complicated issues of contract interpretation and law, and it is important to hire a personal injury lawyer with the ability to understand these complex issues. Christopher Ash started his career by representing defendants in dozens of automobile accident, premises liability and medical malpractice cases. He spent numerous years on the defense side of personal injury cases and he understands not only the law but also the business of these cases; he knows how an insurance company values a case and what its perception of the victim is likely to be. This unique perspective allows Mr. Ash to resolve cases while maximizing the recovery and minimizing the delay, expense, and inconvenience often encountered in pursuing personal injury claims. Mr. Ash has used this experience to successfully represent plaintiffs along the front range and beyond in personal injury cases since starting his Boulder and Denver based Colorado law practice.

Many personal injury attorneys make their living by taking a high volume of cases and treating each one the same. This cookie cutter approach results in the pursuit of frivolous claims which should never be asserted in the first place. That approach also creates an attitude that potentially undercuts legitimate claims. Robertson and Ash does not prosecute non-meritorious claim; we handle only legitimate claims, and we treat our clients with the seriousness they deserve. The partners at Robertson and Ash will thoroughly investigate your personal injury claim to ensure that your case has merit. The investigation will include an analysis of liability to determine who caused the injury and who is responsible for the damages. We also will analyze the damages caused by the accident and what insurance or other assets are available to cover these damages. This allows you and us to understand the case from its inception and to formulate reasonable expectations and a plan to achieve those expectations.

If Robertson and Ash takes a personal injury case, the firm will typically enter into a contingent fee agreement under which the firm only gets paid a legal fee if it secures a recovery.  This type of contingent fee agreement works well for personal injury and accident cases because it does not require you to expend large sums of money on legal fees, and it gives you confidence that the firm and you have the same incentive to successfully resolve the case.

Representative personal injury cases:

  • Representation of a client involved in a hit and run accident and successfully obtaining payment for medical bills under the client’s uninsured motorist coverage.
  • Representation of a client involved in an automobile accident and recovery of all available insurance in connection with pain and suffering and economic loss due to back and jaw injuries.
  • Representation of a client involved in an automobile accident who sustained a pulmonary embolism and settlement on favorable terms.
  • Representation of a client involved in a slip and fall in the parking lot of a major retailer who sustained a broken arm.
  • Representation of a bicycle rider who was involved in an accident with a motor vehicle resulting in multiple fractures that required surgical intervention and a traumatic brain injury.

The partners at Robertson and Ash personally handle every case and, when the client has a question, are always there with an answer.  We bring our big-firm experience and attention to detail to each and every case, and our clients know that we leave no stone unturned.  Your case will be treated with personal attention, and we will zealously protect your rights and to maximize your recovery.  If you have a potential personal injury claim, contact Robertson and Ash to schedule a free consultation at either our Boulder or Denver Colorado office, or at your home.