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Experienced Reinsurance Attorney


Reinsurance disputes, both large and small, are complex and require a skilled reinsurance attorney with in-depth knowledge of the reinsurance industry, procedure, precedent, and customs not generally found in other areas of the law. Christopher Ash understands that, unlike other types of commercial litigation, reinsurance is a specialized field where intimate knowledge of industry players and the evolving trends can make the difference between winning and losing. He is also aware that it is frequently important to reach a compromise that preserves the sensitive commercial relationship between the ceding company and the reinsurer. Mr. Ash has been engaged in reinsurance arbitration and litigation work since the late 1990s, and he has a demonstrated record of success both as a small firm practitioner in Colorado and with large firms in New York and New Jersey.

Mr. Ash is a reinsurance attorney with extensive first-hand experience.  He has spent the majority of his practice litigating and arbitrating complex insurance coverage and reinsurance disputes, and he is intimately familiar with all facets of the process.  Often, these sophisticated matters cannot be resolved through compromise, and when they cannot, Mr. Ash is adept at applying his understanding and experience to achieve favorable results for his clients through arbitration and in the courtroom.

Mr. Ash has handled reinsurance disputes of all types on behalf of both reinsurers and ceding companies.  He has worked on reinsurance disputes in the United States, United Kingdom, and Bermuda.  He has handled many disputes from their infancy through resolution.  He has arbitrated matters involving facultative and treaty reinsurance, and he has addressed issues arising out of property insurance, casualty insurance, surety bonds, and other insurance products.  He also has arbitrated issues involving asbestos, environmental, and other losses – including matters with significant industry-wide importance, such as the Enron and World Trade Center disasters. With over fifteen years in the industry, Mr. Ash also has developed a wide community that includes numerous contacts in the insurance and reinsurance industries, legal specialists, and arbitrators.

Mr. Ash has been involved in scores of reinsurance disputes, and has arbitrated or litigated over fifteen matters through conclusion.  Those matters have ranged in value from less than $100,000 to over $100 million.  They include multi-week arbitrations with significant fact and expert testimony.  Mr. Ash has first-chaired dozens of direct and cross-examinations, and he is equally at home before a panel of arbitrators or a court.  He has personally handled the direct and cross-examinations of many expert witnesses.  He is skilled at both presenting a convincing case and exposing the weaknesses in the opposing party’s case.  Mr. Ash’s wide array of trial and arbitration experience, in both reinsurance and direct insurance matters, has equipped him to think on his feet and adjust trial strategy as needed.

As a small firm practitioner, Mr.  Ash has the flexibility to work with clients to balance the economic reality of the cost of resolution with the amount in dispute, and he always strives to find a pragmatic solution to disputes.  Mr. Ash prides himself on his effective use of technology, and that skill allows him to handle reinsurance disputes anywhere in the United States or abroad.  His clients obtain the benefit of hiring a Colorado attorney with the knowledge and experience of a seasoned, New York reinsurance attorney.  That provides a cost-effective way to maximize reinsurance collections or defeat improper reinsurance billings and claims.

Mr. Ash has advocated for clients on all sides of reinsurance disputes for over 15 years, and he has earned the reputation as a true expert in the field.  If you are involved in such a dispute and would like to learn more about Mr. Ash, he would be happy to provide references from prestigious attorneys, arbitrators, and reinsurance professionals who have seen him successfully try cases over the past fifteen years.

Representative Matters:

  • Representation of a facultative reinsurer involving improper application of a deductible and late notice issues.
  • Representation of a ceding company in a reinsurance dispute pertaining to facultative reinsurance of a large worker’s compensation claim and alleged late notice in failing to report reserves.
  • Representation of a fronting company against multiple reinsurers involving a dispute over a program manager’s underwriting of a large book of property insurance.
  • Representation of ceding companies and reinsurers in connection with surety bond claims arising out of the collapse of Enron.
  • Representation of a ceding company in connection with 9/11 losses.
  • Representation of a ceding company in connection with complex allocation of asbestos losses.
  • Representation of a ceding company in connection with analysis of the application of multiple treaty and facultative reinsurance agreements to the settlement of a complex multi-site environmental contamination coverage dispute.
  • Representation of a facultative reinsurer to provide allocation advice in connection with an underlying claim involving corporate sabotage.
  • Representation of a ceding company in federal court to compel arbitration against a common account reinsurer.